Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I took a sketch of Stacey on
my sketchbook and messed around
with it in photoshop.
Cojí un dibujo de Stacey que había hecho
en mi sketchbook y lo pinte en photoshop.


  1. u captured my mood well :/

    i like it a lot. am i sinking into my shitty klippan couch? or am i stealthily/fiercly wading in a pool of red hot magma.......


    (ps, it's always a little personally disheartening when I get the captcha wrong :(

    ...which i just did)

  2. that's great, i love it. at the same time i'm playing the main title theme song from ghostbusters, it sounds very, uhm, rolling, which, in my head, matches the picture quite well. you should check it out, by elmer bernstein! love it, can't get it out.

  3. hi, you've been keeping so busy this summer!! all your work looks awesome!! i reeeally like this one. hooray!

  4. great likeness, and there's something really charming about the rest of the face being cut off :D