Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Illustration

Good News Everyone:

I just found an e-mail in my junk mail today,
saying that one of my pieces has been selected to be published on the AI website later this year.

Also congrats to my friends Jen, Kim and Jess who also got in.

Buenas Noticias:

Hoy me enteré que una de mis illustraciones va a ser publicada en la página de internet de American Illustration.
Que si Que!
Encontré el e-mail en mi Junk Mail así que deberia de chequiar mis settings.

We are pleased to inform you that work you submitted to American Illustration 28 has been CHOSEN to appear on TRIBUTE our web gallery at

On behalf of the entire jury, I thank you for your submission and support of American Illustration. This year’s distinguished jury included Luis Blanco, INTERspectacular; Max Bode, The New Yorker; Ken DeLago, Golf Digest; Kelly Doe, The New York Times; Matthew Lenning, Bon Appetite; Mitch Nash, Blue Q; Justine Strasberg, Nickelodeon; Michael Uman, INTERspectacular.

…it was one of only 200 images from a record-breaking 8,100 submitted to receive at least 2 votes in the student category and is therefore eligible to appear permanently on our website - where over time illustrators build an online portfolio of their AI winning images and where creatives make direct contact with them. TRIBUTE is being redesigned with new search capabilities and will be launched in November.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

My time at SVA is coming to an end. It's weird, I feel like I have been here for a long
time but at the same time it feels very abrupt.

In the meantime let me show you the hypnotic power of Bobby Flay
over Stacey. Very powerful, that's why he is Bobby Flay.


Después de 4 años mi tiempo en SVA está apunto de terminar. Es un poco raro, siento que ha pasado mucho tiempo pero a la misma vez todo paso volando.
Solo dos semanas más, a ver que pasa...

Pero por el monento dejenme mostrarles el poder hipnótico de Bobby Flay
sobre Stacey. Muy poderoso, por eso el es Bobby Flay

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sketchbook Update

I’ve been furiously drawing in my sketchbook from life and from my head this past week. My goal? To say as much as I can about the form and character of my subjects with a minimal amount of lines. In other words, line economy. It’s been very tough but a lot of fun, here are some of my results. Let me know what you guys think.


Esta semana e pasado mi tiempo dibujando furiosamente de observación y de mi imaginación en mi “sketchbook”. Mi meta? Que mis lineas describan la forma y el carácter de mis sujetos con un minimo uso de lineas. En otras palabras, dibujar económicamente. Definitivamente a sido una prueba difícil pero a la misma vez ha sido bien divertido, aquí hay algunos de mis resultados así que dejenme saber lo que piensan.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

The End of The Line

Here's an illustration for Tomer Hanuka's portfolio class, the assignment
was to illustrate the end of something. I chose the end of the line.
Esta es una ilustración para mi clase de portafolio con Tomer Hanuka, la asignatura
fue la de ilustrar el fin de algo. Yo escogí ilustrar el dicho: "The End of The Line".