Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sketch Book

The past month was a weird one, with graduating and all.
It's been really hard trying to keep
myself moving in the right direction.
Haven't been drawing as much as I should...which is terrible.
But whatever, more things to come soon. In the meantime
here are some sketchbook drawings.
El mes pasado ha sido uno raro,
con todo el ajetreo de mi graduación y otras cosas.
Ha sido un poco difícil mantener el curso.
No he estado dinujando lo suficiente...no la hace.
Pero, pal ca'. Habran más cosas pronto, pero
por el momento aquí hay unos dibujos de mí

I'm gonna miss Figure Drawing Class.

Attempt at drawing the Flat Iron Building...it was really hard.

A drawing of Stacey and her Father while he dropped some
photography knowledge upon her.

And the subway


  1. These are great. Very lively and wonderful.

    I'm also trying to move in the right direction and do more drawing - I definitely plan to go outdoors to do more drawing this summer. Maybe drop me a line if you go on any sketch crawls?

  2. nice flatiron and i looooove the one of stacey and her dad!

  3. jaja me gusta el de Stacey con el pai! y a Soto con barba! tienes q dibujar a soto ya q puedes hacer negros ahora jaja! yeeeeaaahhhhh! papi ya mismo viene tu momento pa conquistar el mundo.. paciencia.