Monday, September 12, 2011

The Thrilling Exploits of Una Albers Lady Adventrix

 Here's a couple color variants of a cover I made for the comic 
"The Thrilling Exploits of Una Albers Lady Adventrix" 
written by Monica Smyczek, Illustrated by my super talented buddy Jake Cohen. 

Jake asked for a minimal stained glass style cover, after going online and researching stained glass designs. I came up with the following sketches.

Sketch #3 was chosen and I got to work. After making my color comp I proceeded to paint the different glass tiles with gouache on acetate in an effort to get that nice streaky stained glass feel. I had originally hand drawn all my lines, but they just felt too messy. Enter Stacey and her Illustrator magic, she helped (by help I mean do everything) me trace the drawing in Illustrator for some nice, crisp lines. 

Finally, I put everything together in Photoshop for the finish.

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