Thursday, February 5, 2009

First post, almost a year after I actually created this thing...

Well here goes....My name is Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and I am
finally posting something.
Here are some old sketchbook pages from a year or two ago, I'll post new ones as soon as possible.

This is an illustration for Marcos Chin's, Fashion Illustration and Beyond class that I did last semester.
For his Pro or Against cloning assignment.

....more to come soon....

God, posting on here can't be any harder....


  1. Welcome! I am glad you are here!

    Nice work kiddo...oh, we start this Monday, I am not sure of the room. Just come to the 6th floor of the D bldg and find me.

  2. nice, i like specially the first one. good luck with posting, you'll get the hang of it rather quick.

  3. sweet post! good to see you blogging.

    the clone illustration is appropriately and subtly eerie.

  4. yay you have a blog! I always love seeing your work :D